About Rdzla



Redzilla, born Daniel Macas of Baltimore Maryland, is no stranger to creativity. Beginning at the age of 13, when he built his first DJ setup from discarded equipment found next to a dumpster in his apartment complex, Red has gone on to produce music for Hip-Hop artists of every level of success throughout the U.S. and Europe for many years.


Red was inspired as a young child spending time with family in the Hells Kitchen section of Manhattan, New York City where he witnessed real raw street art first hand. The structures, ambition, style, love, and flavors that poured through the streets of Manhattan have inspired Red to recognize beauty in the world around him.


After years of creative projects in music, poetry, screenwriting, and business consulting for artists, Red has found a passion in photography. The ability to take the beauty of the world around him and his experiences and display them for others to appreciate has become everything. From Street photography to fashion and nature, Red has once again ignited a spark which will lead to many years of art and creativity. Join us as we navigate through life.